Cincinnati HELP

Our Confidentiality Pledge

We know that many of us with genital herpes are very concerned about protecting our confidentiality. While we have no reason to be ashamed, unfortunately there are people who do not understand. There is less stigma associated with herpes than there once was, but stigma still exists, and many of us find it prudent to share the fact that we have herpes with as few people as possible.

Cincinnati HELP respects and guards your confidentiality. Whether you attend meetings, contact our HELPLine or e-mail, or sign up for our newsletter, we will never reveal your name or other personal information to anyone outside our group. Even within our group, personal information is protected. All our mailings are discreet. We do not use the word herpes or any other clue to our identity when we contact you. When we return phone calls to our HELPLine, we will not leave revealing messages or information with other people or on answering machines or voice mail systems.