Cincinnati HELP



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Southbound on I-71 (from Kenwood, Blue Ash...)

  • Take the Taft Road exit, EXIT 3.
  • Proceed on William Howard Taft Road.
  • William Howard Taft Road becomes Calhoun St.when you cross Vine St.
  • Continue on Calhoun Clifton Avenue. Calhoun ends there.
  • Turn right onto Clifton Avenue.
  • Continue on Clifton Avenue, crossing Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Ludlow Avenue.
  • Clifton United Methodist Church is on the right.

Northbound on I-75 (from downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky)

  • Take Hopple St. exit, EXIT 3 (on the left).
  • Turn left onto Hopple St/Hopple St Viaduct.
  • Continue on Hopple St Viaduct.
  • Continue onto Martin Luther King Dr W.
  • Turn left onto Dixmyth Ave.
  • Turn left onto Clifton Ave
  • Clifton United Methodist Church is on the right.