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Dear Friend,

You do not have to be a member of our chapter to be welcome at our meetings. Whether you join or not, we encourage you to attend as often as you like. Membership, however, does have added benefits. Four times a year our members receive our chapter newsletter.But most of all, members have the satisfaction of doing something about herpes- helping others cope with the disease, and helping Cincinnati HELP provide support and information.

Dues in Cincinnati HELP are only $12 a year. This modest sum pays not only for your newsletter, but also for our telephone HELPLine, our P.O. box, our library, and other necessary operating expenses. To enroll, please fill out the form below, and return it with your dues. You may mail it back to us or give it to us at a meeting.

In giving us your name, you needn't worry about confidentiality. Under no circumstances do we reveal our members' names to anyone outside the chapter. Even within the group, only trusted officers have access to this information. All our mailings are discreet. We use opaque "security envelopes". Only our P.O. box number- never words like "herpes" or the chapter name- appears on our return address.

If you prefer, we'll e-mail you our newsletters and other mailings. Or keep you off our mailing list at your request. Just check the appropriate box on the membership form below. Moreover, you can cancel your membership at any time. Just let us know and we'll remove your name from our membership rolls.

Keeping these assurances in mind, we hope you will enroll in Cincinnati HELP. We're here to help you. Let us help you keep informed. Fill out the form below, and join with us in mutual support.


The Cincinnati HELP Chapter


Dear Cincinnati HELP,

Please enroll me in your chapter. I understand that this information is strictly confidential.

Enclosed is $12 for my first year’s dues.

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Please make checks payable to CINCINNATI HELP

Mail this form with your remittance to

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