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Ask us: Will my partner get herpes?


Will my partner get it?

There are many sources of clinical information on the rate of transmission. You may start with the American Social Health Association website. We can only speak of our own members' experience. Over the years, Cincinnati HELP has had quite a few members who have been in long-term relationships with partners who do not have herpes.

In most of these cases, the partner has not contracted herpes, or at least has never displayed any noticeable symptoms of herpes. These members tend to be people who are aware of the symptoms and signs of an outbreak, and who are conscientious about taking the proper precautions.

  • Never engage in sexual activity during an active outbreak.
  • Be alert for the warning signs of an impending outbreak: the itching or tingling sensation that many people with herpes feel when the virus is starting to become active.

At other times, a condom offers additional protection. However, some of our members who have successfully avoided transmitting herpes for years choose not to use them.

While this is purely anecdotal evidence, and not scientific proof, we find encouragement in the experience of others like ourselves. Our experience does demonstrate that it is quite possible for people with herpes to have a reasonably normal, sexually active relationship without passing herpes on to your partner.